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The Village Emergency Telephone System


The Langham Village Emergency Telephone System (VETS) is now up and running.

If you are with a person who you suspect has had a cardiac arrest, immediately call 999 as normal. An ambulance will be dispatched as soon as possible, however due to the location of Langham, this may take a while.

You will probably be alone with the patient and cannot leave them to go and get the village defibrillator, so we have a group of 10 volunteers who will respond to a telephone call from you. All the volunteers are on the same number and if a volunteer is available you give them your location, they will collect the defibrillator and come to your location, they will then assist in CPR and using the defibrillator until the ambulance or medics arrive.

The number to call these volunteers is :-

01206 700990









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January 2019



The new sports facilities, north of the A12 at the Park-and-Ride junction have been agreed and a contractor has been appointed..


Below is an outline of what Colchester Borough Council intends to do with the Rugby Club land, and has announced a public consultation. The idea is that the income from the sale of land here will pay for the sports development ... and much, much more! In planning terms, this in-house deal will breach the A12 planning boundary, which concerns villages such as Boxted and Langham.










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These aircraft are scheduled to arrive over London at 1.00pm. They will, hopefully, appear over Langham, following roughly the track of the A 12 ... after leaving Ipswich at 12.45 .... and I would be in position from 12.30 onwards!




June 2018


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June 8 letter from the Planning Inspector regarding Part 1 of the Emerging Local Plan

(Garden Communities)










May 2018


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April 2018


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Urgent News


The Newsletter is carrying a date of 4 April for the Parish Council Meeting, which is also the date of the Annual Parish Meeting.


This is not correct; these meeting will be held on 25 April, starting 7.30 in the Community Centre.



There is a vacancy on the Parish Council; please check the notice board for details.




Mobile Library News


The Mobile Library Service is being reduced. It will, after April 5, call only in Moor Road, at 9.35 a.m..


The next dates are:


April 5

April 26

May 17

June 7

June 28

July 19







Footpath 57 Public Enquiry


The Parish was granted the footpath marked 57 on the map below, running along the northern boundary of The Oaks School. The landowner has  appealed this decision by Essex County Council, so a Public Enquiry is being held in the Club Room of the Community Centre on 17th April 2018.


If anyone who has used this route, or just wishes to attend this enquiry, they are free to come and are encouraged to do so.























High Speed fibre broadband connectivity in Langham


BT have now completed the installation on two new fibre cabinets serving Langham numbers starting with 23 and 32. The cabinets which are served from Ardleigh and Dedham exchanges are located at the A12 end of Park Lane and in Perry Lane. Residents connected to Horkesley exchange (numbers commencing 27) have had fibre connectivity for some time now so this new initiative completes fibre rollout for all 3 serving exchanges in Langham.


Some residents that are some distance away from serving cabinets may experience a reduction in the broadband speed capability but the current status demonstrates a major improvement in broadband speeds available in Langham. Most of Langham residents now have access to high speed broadband and this can be supplied by contacting your service providers.





March 2018


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February 2018


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Trees For Years 2018 


Free annual tree and fruit bush giveaway


Saturday 3 February 2018 10am - 1pm or sooner if all the stock goes 


Car park of Colchester Borough Council's offices at Rowan House, in Sheepen Road, Colchester


Colchester Borough Council have free trees and fruit bushes to give away as the popular annual Trees for Years initiative returns for the twelfth year in a row.


The free plants are available to Colchester Borough residents, community groups and parish councils. Residents can collect up to three plants per household and up to 15 per community group, school or parish council.


This year's initiative includes a variety of fruit bushes, decorative shrubs and trees to help create a greener Colchester for all. 



Species available this year are:


  • Acer campestre  (Field Maple)

  • ​Betula pendula (Silver Birch)

  • Cornus alba' Sibirica' (Red dogwood)

  • Cornus s. 'Flaviremea' (Yellow Dogwood)

  • Corylus avellana (Hazel)

  • Forsythia x intermedia 'Spectabilis'

  • Prunus padus (Bird Cherry)

  • Blackcurrent

  • Gooseberries

  • Raspberries


The 2018 bare root trees and fruit bushes will be available on a first come first served basis only.


Trees must be planted on private property. Postcodes & house numbers will be recorded to monitor the distribution.  Remember to bring a utility bill or other form of ID which shows your address.  Collecting for a School, please bring your staff ID.


Remember to bring a bag to put your trees in.


This year's Trees for Years is being sponsored by idverde who carry out the grounds maintenance for Colchester Borough Council 




January 2018


Newsletter Dec/Jan 2017-18  Supplement




Footpath 33, alongside Langham Oak Cottage and just off Park Lane  .... no it's not mud!


Dog Fouling


It has been brought to the attention of Langham Parish Council that the incidents of dog fouling around the village is on the increase again. This is very noticeable on several footpaths around the village and again on the recreation ground.

As previously, we hope it is not the villagers dogs that are responsible but visitors who don't actually walk their dogs, they just open doors and let them run free to do their business and then they jump back in the car.


The Zone Wardens have been informed and will be keeping an eye open to identify offenders.


So as a village can we make sure we do our bit and clean up after our own dogs so that we can maintain the village to a standard we all can appreciate.








Energy Switch


RESIDENTS can save over £250 on their gas and electric bills by joining the Essex Energy Switch which harnesses people power to secure cheaper deals from energy suppliers.


The county’s collective switching initiative has already saved thousands of Essex people more than £2,297,539 from the past five switches.


Cllr David Finch, Leader of Essex County Council, said: “Rather than switching energy supplier alone which can be a daunting and complicated task, we should work together to save money.


“By joining a collective switch made up of thousands of like-minded people, we increase our purchasing power so we can negotiate a better deal from energy suppliers, who compete against each other at auction to offer the best tariffs.


“Paying over the odds for your electric and gas is not fair, so I hope people take advantage of the Essex Energy Switch. It’s a safe and easy way to save money in which we take all the hassle out of switching.”


Registration opens on Tuesday, December 5, and closes on Tuesday, February 13, before the one-day auction.


Everyone who registers will receive a personalised offer on 23 February, 2018, which details how much they could save by switching to the winning provider, or cheaper tariff.


But there is no obligation for people to take up the offer.


Cllr Finch added: “At the last switch in May, we had more than 6,500 people sign up to switch saving around £250 per year on their bills.


“People who have been on the same tariff with the same supplier for a number of years are particularly like to make savings.


“But even those who switched recently could still save more money by signing up again, after all it only takes five minutes online and we don’t want anyone to lose out.”


To register for the next auction, visit or call 0800 0488285.


If you don’t have access to the internet, you can ask a relative, friend of neighbour to help because registrations can be made using their email address. One email address can be used up to five times to register for the scheme.





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